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How James got 28k worth of instructions with Prop Media

Prop Media has significantly optimised our business operations by saving time and allowing us to focus on more profitable ventures. The platform has delivered an impressive number of leads, notably resulting in a substantial contract from just one of them. This efficiency in generating leads means we do not have to engage in cold calling; instead, we offer value through personalised property valuations based on reliable data. This approach not only garners immediate business but also builds a long-term pipeline of potential clients by maintaining a relationship with homeowners who may not be ready to sell immediately. Furthermore, using Prop Media reduces the need for additional staff, avoiding the associated costs and complexities of employment, while delivering results that surpass what even the most skilled professionals in the industry could achieve. It is an invaluable tool that acts as an extension of our team, contributing to both short term wins and long term growth, all while offering financial advantages such as tax deductions.


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